Data Sheet: Data Analytics that Delivers in the Moment

 Data Analytics Cover ImageModern organizations are struggling with the limitations of self-service analytics, and innovative new tools are delivering a more streamlined, contextual experience that savvy users now demand. By advancing from analytics to insights, these tools take on the heavy lifting involved in interpreting the data to meet users’ growing needs. Advanced platforms like Tableau, the leading analytics platform, and Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, are harnessing machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate data analysis resulting in actionable insights. By offering data-driven insights at the point of decision, these platforms integrate intelligence not only within the applications that business users access every day, but also within everyday workflows. In a recent survey, the Aberdeen Group validated that embedding insights offers a higher degree of user satisfaction compared to more traditional, standalone approach.
















Karen Dosanjh
Karen Dosanjh VP, Marketing & Communications at OSI Digital