Event: OSI Digital Presents a GE Power Digital Energy Conference - London (Oct. 8-11)

GE DIgital Event

The 2018 GE Power Digital 2018 EMEA User Conference is taking place in London, England, from October 8-11. This event brings together energy industry professionals from around the world to discuss ideas on how to make industrial software and services more reliable, secure, efficient and sustainable.

OSI Digital Presents Advanced Grid Analytics Demos
OSI Digital is GE Power's Partner of Record for Grid Analytics. OSI is proud to support GE Power in delivering greater efficiency, reliability, safety and sustainability across the electricity value chain.

Scott Harden, Industrial IoT Practice Leader at OSI Digital, will be on hand at the conference to share customer and industry insights through the following demonstrations and presentations:

  • Storm Response
  • Grid Inertia
  • Fault & Event Analysis
  • Network Connectivity

Contact us to learn more about OSI’s leadership and depth of experience in the digital energy industry.

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Karen Dosanjh
Karen Dosanjh VP, Marketing & Communications at OSI Digital