Success Story: Task Us

final_success-story_taskus_sept19-1-nwee146y7jdi6nu2528mdlbxaql4ahtg7om301cw1yTaskUs has a large workforce totaling 7500+ employees and is expecting a 50% growth in their workforce over the next year. As they planned operationally for this growth, TaskUs realized their existing manual onboarding processes were prone to human errors and would not be able to accommodate this scale without negatively impacting their overall productivity. Traditionally, these tasks have all involved a significant amount of manual intervention and tracking which can be expensive and inefficient.

TaskUs required an agile solution that would seamlessly integrate all applications in real time and allow for flexibility since each application may require unique steps in the overall process orchestration.

Finally, their solution needed to consider future enhancements, upgrades and additions to their dynamic ecosystem. This process orchestration needed to align with any shifts in their business strategies, maintaining TaskUs’s position as a leader in the Outsourcing industry.







Karen Dosanjh
Karen Dosanjh VP, Marketing & Communications at OSI Digital